International Communications Group Inc
A Translation Service Company

Why is it important to have a team of translators working for you?

Our team of professional translators and consultants, is made up of specialists with a high level of expertise in their specific area (i.e., human resources, benefits, public relations, health care, education, financial arena, etc.).  

By using a team approach with translators of different nationalities (Mexican, Salvadoran, Cuban, South American, etc.), we are able to use the correct Spanish terminology that can be understood across regional differences

Our team approach in translations:

  • reduces the room for error and enhances the results;
  • provides additional input from a diverse pool, with brainstorming sessions among our translators to agree on the best possible wording and to verify the accuracy and simplicity of the translation;
  • helps us detect terms that may sound “too Mexican”, or “too South American”, or otherwise too regional, and replace them with more generic (or universal) Spanish terms, for everybody to understand.