International Communications Group Inc
A Translation Service Company


We offer professional and persuasive Spanish presentations to large and small groups of employees and constituents.  These presentations are specially designed to win their commitment and buy-in. 

Your organizational directives, programs and benefits are translated into the language of your audience, and presented in a clear and simple manner, using a style that appeals to their cultural interests, values and beliefs.

  • Your training materials are translated into Spanish, including workbook and audio-visuals

  • Your training programs (Basic Supervisory Skills, Sexual Harassment Education, Health and Safety, etc.) are delivered in Spanish by a bilingual Human Resources professional

  • Educational presentations of your company policies and procedures

  • Communication of new company benefits, a 401(k) Plan, a new Retirement Plan, etc.

  • Open Enrollment presentations

  • Medical/Dental Enrollment Meetings, including one-on-one meetings to help employees fill out the appropriate forms

  • Safety Meetings

  • Employee Question and Answer Sessions after a presentation

  • One-on-one interviews for employee feedback

  • Professional sales and marketing presentations


    Call us at (949) 443-5300, extension 702 for a quote.