International Communications Group Inc
A Translation Service Company


INTERNATIONAL COMMUNICATIONS GROUP, Inc. specializes in professional Spanish translations and bilingual training.  We have been in business since 1986, and by raising the quality and effectiveness of communications across language and culture barriers, we are committed to increasing the success of companies with large numbers of non-English speaking employees; community organizations with a large Hispanic base; health-care organizations with a large number of Spanish-speaking patients; companies targeting the Hispanic consumer; corporations with overseas operations; and businesses involved in international transactions.

In today’s complex environment, effective communication is critical — and it is more difficult than ever before.  The labor force is increasing in cultural diversity to the extent that some companies employ 80-90% non-English speaking employees.  Furthermore, with the evolution of a global economy, many business organizations have entered into foreign markets where understanding another language and culture is essential to success, or have a large number of local constituents, patrons, clients or patients, who strongly favor the use of a language other than English.

International Communications Group, Inc. is responsive to these increasing demands for effective cross-cultural communication, and bridges the gap created by language and cultural differences.

Our team of professional translators is made up of specialists with a high level of expertise in their specific area (i.e., health care, human resources, advertising, etc.).  

Also, by using a team approach with translators of different nationalities (Mexican, Salvadoran, Cuban, South American, etc.), we are able to use the correct Spanish terminology that can be understood across regional differences.  We also provide Spanish presentations and bilingual training.

We have an impressive track record, having provided hundreds of quality Spanish translations in specialty areas such as:

Human Resources  Health Care Services
Employee Benefits  Legal documents
Public Relations Technical documents  
Advertising Education

If you are interested in obtaining more information about our organization, services, fees, and/or would like a list of references, please call our Director of Marketing at (949) 443-5300, extension 702.