International Communications Group Inc
A Translation Service Company


Improving productivity, increasing morale, and implementing organizational changes are all dependent on management's ability to clearly state expectations and to win employee's commitment. We can help you reach your employees by developing communications that are clearly translated into their native language, and by appealing to their cultural values and beliefs.

We have been in business since 1986, specializing in human resources, benefits, training and development.  We have been involved in employee communication and training, both in English and Spanish (Open Enrollment, Investment Education Workshops, Employee Meetings, Basic Supervisory Skills Training, Sexual Harassment Prevention Training, 401(k) Informational Meetings, Diversity Training, Hiring and Outplacement, etc.), as well as hundreds of written translations of Employee Handbooks, Safety Manuals, Benefit Packages and Brochures, 401(K) booklets, Summary Plan Descriptions, Retirement Account Plans, Profit Sharing Plans, In-House Newsletters, Training Manuals, Surveys, Press Releases, International Contracts, Legal Documents, Scripts, Memos, Correspondence, etc.

As President of International Communications Group, Inc., Monica Moreno offers a solid dual background in Translations (with a 4-year B.A. degree as a Certified Translator from Buenos Aires, Argentina) and Human Resources (with a Master's degree in Human Resources and Organization Development from the University of San Francisco).

Our team of professional translators is made up of specialists with a high level of expertise in their specific area (i.e., health care, human resources, advertising, etc.).  Also, by using a team approach with translators of different nationalities (Mexican, Salvadoran, Cuban, South American, etc.), we are able to use the correct Spanish terminology that can be understood across regional differences.  We also provide Spanish presentations and bilingual training.

Our written translation services include:

  • Translation done by a professional translator and edited by a second translator from a different Latin American background, to ensure the use of generic Spanish terminology.
  • A bilingual Human Resource professional will provide the final editing and proofreading of the documents.
  • Drawing from our extensive experience in Diversity consulting and Cross-Cultural training, we will make sure that your document is written in a manner that appeals to your Latino readers.
  • We will E-mail the final product to you in the format you prefer (MS Word; PowerPoint; etc.).
  • We will proofread your final copy after you have it typeset, if requested. 
  • We will do our best to accommodate your time frame, provided that we have enough time to ensure top quality.
  • If any changes are made at any time in the future, we’ll incorporate those changes into the Spanish version for you, and you’ll only be charged for the translation of the new text.

Call us at (949) 443-5300, extension 702 for a quote.